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About us

Hunt & Mitton Since 1842

 Hunt & Mitton first developed their hazardous chemical valve range between 1948—1955 in cooperation with Imperial Chemical Industries in Birmingham UK. Since these early days Hunt & Mitton have maintained a presence in this sector of the valve industry.

Today our products cover a wide range of chemical service applications. Our sizes range from DN15 (1/2”) to DN400 (16”) in a range of manual handwheel operated, or pneumatically / electrically actuated and fitted with solenoid valves for emergency shutdown. They include both the straight pattern for pipeline installation and angle pattern for vessel installation.

In November 2016 the Hunt & Mitton Range of Bellows seal isolation valves were fully approved by Eurochlor, certificate No 16/01,to GEST 06/318. We are one of only six manufacturers in the world to have achieved this standard. We were the first to have their approved manufacturing location outside Europe. We also meet the requirements of USA Chlorine Institutes pamphlet 6.

When you need to protect people, processes and the environment.

 The chemical industry has continued to develop over the last 100 years at a staggering pace. Some of the chemicals manufactured are the corner stone of many of the most common materials used today. However, these basic chemicals can be highly dangerous to people and the environment. As the demands of the chemical producers have increased, Hunt & Mitton Valve Company have developed their product range to meet their customer’s very stringent needs. This is especially so in today’s, safety aware and environmentally friendly world in which we live.

When customers require zero fugitive emission from the valve’s stem or bonnet, you have to be able to ensure the product performance can match it. Our Bellows seal design ensures that the product stays inside the valve and dangerous emissions to people, plant and the atmosphere do not escape. Our pressure envelope wall thicknesses are in accordance with Eurochlor specifications. Small valve bodies and all sizes of bonnets are forgings. Larger valves have cast bodies which are x-rayed to ensure integrity. Hunt and Mitton Valve Company is the only manufacturer of Eurochlor approved valves to offer 100% radiography of all castings for chlorine service.

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